• Denise Meenan

How to deal with big changes in your life

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

As I tell my clients all the time, I am not a therapist, for these issues you should seek the advice of someone qualified to advise on such matters. But really, as an attorney, we do inadvertently advise on such matters from the perspective of past experience with dozens or even hundreds of other clients in the same or very similar situation. As an attorney licensed 18 years (as of December 2019) I have provided advice and counsel to thousands and thousands of people. The most difficult ones being those who are suffering through a contentious divorce or child custody battle. There are simply no winners, everyone loses. The combination of emotions and legal issues make these cases the most difficult and emotionally exhausting. Big changes must be met with big enthusiasm, big positivity (is that even a thing?) and a big sense of confidence that you will survive and even thrive in the change. Once you have determined your goal and the change that is required to achieve your goal, conduct solid research to support your goal, this due diligence will help you believe in yourself and the change you are about to undertake. It is critical to surround yourself with those people who support and encourage your change. Big ideas don't survive in a climate of fear. Change is life, change is good, change is exciting, I always welcome it, you can too!

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