What We Do

We are a full-service law firm, providing legal information and advice to Servicemembers and Veterans all over the world. We handle all forms of military administrative matters, working hard to ensure your rights are never compromised. We can provide in court representation on civil legal matters and some criminal matters in California and Washington, and referrals to attorneys and law firms in all 50 states.

We provide legal information, advice and assistance on issues related to discharge upgrades, VA disability appeals, Servicemembers Civil Relief Act matters, military administrative matters such as evaluation rebuttals (AKA NC/OER rebuttals), security clearances, financial liability (AKA FLIPL rebuttals), memorandums of reprimand (AKA GOMOR rebuttals), academic report rebuttals(AKA AER rebuttals), DFAS issues, discharge upgrades, boards of correction of military records, contract negotiations for new recruits, military pension division, and so much more.

We can also help with issues related to: student loans, child support, immigration, landlord tenant, housing, consumer fraud, predatory lending, and many more. If you don't see your legal issue here, just contact us, we may be able to help!

How We Do It

We are a non-profit charity, a 501(c)3. This means that in order to be able to provide these services free of charge, we must receive donations to fund and support the attorneys and staff that work for our program.

How You Can Help

We depend on you to help! We are always looking for volunteers and people that can help promote our organization so we can provide more services. If you have received services from our organization, please supply a story to us of how we helped you. This helps us get funding from large corporations and others who are in a position to help.